Composite Doors

Not only do we fit composite doors we are a supplier for a Major UK Composite Door Manufacturer – Door-Stop.

Composite Doors

The door is the main focal point in any home and speaks volumes about the homeowner. Composite doors have become common entrance doors in the UK since they create a memorable lasting impression. We are a company that believes in offering the best services when it comes to composite door fitting services. We have partnered with the best door manufacturers in the UK, and therefore we guarantee high-quality composite front doors supply and fit services to all our clients at affordable costs.

We have professionally qualified fitters who will do an impeccable job of adding the perfect flair to your house. If you are considering changing your door do not hesitate to give us a call today. 

Let’s first discuss what a composite door is before we dive deeper and see if it lives up to the hype.

Composite Doors
Composite Doors

What is a Composite Door?

Using modern and high technology, composite doors are made from a variety of well-selected materials that include solid timber core, glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), insulating polyurethane foam and uPVC to mention but a few.
During the manufacturing process, the doors are filled with high insulating foam under pressure making them achieve the industry-leading level of thermal efficiency and also enhance their acoustic performance.

The GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) commonly referred to as fibreglass, makes the external part of the door, further makes it tough and weatherproof.
Steel reinforcement and uPVC used in the construction of the outer door frame makes the composite door secure hence reliable.
As a trusted door supplier, we believe that the secret to a good door is security, strength and durability. 

Why Choose a Composite Door?

The choice of composite doors over other door types has skyrocketed over the recent years. Composite doors have made such a huge difference and are said to be not your ordinary, average doors. Well, are composite doors worth your money?

Not only do they add value to your home but also go an extra mile of guaranteeing security, energy efficiency, and offer a touch of perfect décor. As a leading door supplier company, we can attest that composite doors are ideal and specifically designed to solve many problems that arise from other traditional doors. With the help of our door designers, we boast of having a collection of hand-crafted aesthetic glass designs and genuine grain effect colour finishes necessary for adding great style and class to your home.

Composite Doors

Benefits of Choosing a Composite door.

As one of the best composite doors providers, we understand that choosing the best composite door is a daunting task. We are here to help you make the right decisions and leap the benefits of investing in a good composite door. Such benefits include:

  • Durability
    Did you know the life span of a composite door is 20 – 30 years? Our composite doors are water-resistant and therefore not prone to damage. So, the thought of replacing your door regularly is the last thing that will be on your mind. Our double glazed residential aluminium composite front doors supply and fit services will be an excellent choice to last the test of time.
  • Low maintenance
    This is one of the major reasons to fall in love with the composite doors. Most of our clients can attest that they are the best choice for longevity and easy upkeep. As a trusted door supplier company, our composite doors are easy to maintain needing only a wipe down the surface with no paint required. Besides, be assured of low maintenance GRP that will never rot, flake or rust.
  • Wide varieties of colours and styles
    We offer a wide selection of elegant styles, glass and stunning colour choices suitable to reflect your impeccable style. In case you need a change of colour for your door, we liaise with the best door manufacturer companies that offer colour bonding services that will help you create the perfect entrance to your home.
  • High Security
    Made from fibreglass (GRP) with steel reinforcement, composite doors guarantee high levels of security and peace of mind. They are designed with super strong structures as well as laminated glass finish making them secure. Our composite door fitting skills are top-notch and eliminate any chances of break-ins. We also take into consideration smarter ways of protecting your home and therefore we have partnered with the most trusted lock suppliers in the UK, that offer multiple locking systems to your door hence putting you in full control of who enters your house and when.
  • Energy Efficient
    Why you need our composite doors is that they focus on energy conservation as well as efficiency. Composite doors have a solid polyutherane insulating foam core which is injected to the door to provide perfect insulation. We are a well-established door supplier company that ensures the door you buy will not only retain heat but also reduce heat loss. Our composite door fitting services will be perfect to solve all your energy-related worries. Give us a call today.


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