Misty to Clear Windows

We offer a range of window cleaning, repairing and replacement services. Replace and repair your misted double-glazed glasses.

Misty Windows: What causes them?

Let’s start with some science before we get into how to clear those misty windows. When one side of your house is hot and the other is chilly, your windows will fog up.

Misty to Clear Windows from CWD Improvements in Surrey
Misty to Clear Windows from CWD Improvements in Surrey

When to replace Misty Windows?

When a noticeable fog patch forms on the inner face of a double glazed unit, it is the first indication of misting. For a while, this may be occasional, but once it becomes permanent, it is advised that the unit be replaced.


How to replace Misty Windows?

Although replacing a glass unit is not difficult, you will need the assistance of professionals who have access to the necessary materials. It’s a simple matter of dismantling the window frame, removing the sealants, and removing and replacing the damaged glazing unit. 

How long do double-glazed units last?

Despite their strength, sealed double-glazed units have a finite lifespan, and the seal will eventually fail, resulting in misting between the two panes of glass. In the best-quality installations, this might take up to 30 years. A realistic life expectancy, according to some specialists, is 20 years.

Here at CWD Improvements in Surrey, we offer a range of double glazed repairs. Email in to [email protected] your issues with pictures of the required repair. 

Misty to Clear Windows from CWD Improvements in Surrey


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